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Fear about a Zombie Apocalypse is rampant.  If  zombies did attack, Halloween would be the ideal launch date.  Don't worry, there are plenty of ways to protect yourself  in case of invasion. There's a zombie escape cellphone app (read on for details on that). The CDC created emergency preparedness alerts to keep us posted. There's a zombie defense kit, too. And most gruesome (but probably most effective) of all, you can adopt a zombie baby (!) from Spirit Halloween. See image in ad below (that's Teether--quite the euphemism, eh?). Be warned. Zombie babies aren't cute and cuddly. Personally, Doll Face scares me silly and she's just toy and I'm an adult woman. To get more info on all this Zombie paraphernalia read more here (if you dare...) Adopt Zombie Babies, Get Cellphone Apps to Prepare for Halloween Apocalypse 

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