Vintage Gothic Haunted House Ideas

I recently did the Haunted Museum at our local historical society. I don't believe in spook houses nor in scaring kids but I thought it would have an educational bent. It didn't, so I tried to swing it vintage Gothic to get away from a gory a little. Here's how I scripted, costumed and staged it.  I Have a Flair For Scaring People with Gothic Horror, to My Chagrin

My Dual Purpose Halloween Costume, Boadicea Scary and Non-Scary

I will be dressing up for Halloween this year and I need two costumes--a non-scary one for helping at my daughter's school concert. I'm volunteering at our local "Haunted Museum." I'm not big on scary costumes. But a haunted event will draw kids to the museum and give them interactive experience with history outside ho-hum textbooks. Being a teacher, I want my costume to have educational value. My Dual Purpose Halloween Costume, Boadicea Scary and Non-Scary

Preschool Apple Themed Printables, Crafts, Lessons, Recipes

Apples are the perfect theme for fall lessons. And just in time for harvest and Halloween. Here's an interactive, cross-curricular apple unit with crafts, recipes, science, art, creative writing, math, social studies, practical life, field trips and community-builders. I've added free printable apple-themed lesson plans and worksheets for activity extenders.   Preschool Apple Unit, Cross-Curricular Hands-on Crafts, Activities, Recipes

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