Cheap Halloween Candy Giveaways for Trick or Treat

Cheap Halloween Candy Alternative Giveaways Originally written for Valentine's Day treat alternatives, the ideas listed work perfectly as Halloween treat giveaways! Over 100 inexpensive trick or treat prizes and goodies! Non-candy,sugarfree goodies, perfect for trunk-or-treat, Christian parties, office, business, doctor, dentist, library, school and any trick or treat giveaways! One year I gave out inexpensive books and my trick-or-treaters loved them. They requested them for next year. View more »

Free Printable Halloween Cards, Samhain, Thanksgiving Decorations, ecards

Free Printable Halloween Cards Check out these sources for Vintage Halloween, Samhain and Thanksgiving holiday printables and ecards! Many free selections, free printable cards, clip art, holiday decorations and great gift ideas! No fees to join.
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Fall and Autumn Seasonal Weather Unit

Science Weather Unit with Literature, Math, Writing, Experiments, Art, Music and Crafts-- Games, stories, art, music, crafts and writing projects for science crafts and experiments based upon the weather. View more »

Fall Science Bird Feeder Nature Craft

Recycled Nature Craft for All Ages Birds prepare for winter during the fall, just as we do. Make an easy, green diy bird feeder for home or school! Makes a great gift for seniors too! Guide to making a fun and useful science nature craft from recycled milk jugs.
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Vintage Boxed Halloween Costumes, Retro Fun

Halloween Costumes - 1970s Vintage Boxed Sets Halloween back in the day--do you remember the packaged trick or treat costumes that came in a box? Remember the sweaty masks and plastic tie-at-neck costume? You could find just about any character in those days! My favorite was the princess with the melamine blonde coif and red lips. What was your favorite? Walk with me down memory lane. (Looking for an inventive couples costume idea? Why not track down some of these...) View more »

Free Printable Fall, Harvest, Halloween Crafts

Free Printable Summer Crafts and Activities for Preschool Kids Keep little ones productively occupied with free printable craft projects for trick or treat and Halloween parties. These cut and paste activities build fine motor skills such cutting, pasting, sequencing, folding, assembling, sorting and coloring. Each project comes complete with all parts--parents provide glue, scissors and assistance Explore harvest with a little mouse. Go on a late summer picnic. Print Halloween mask! View more »

Fall Science Lessons and Craft Project

Autumn Life Science Project and Natural Wreath Craft Easy, 'green' diy nature craft. Materials and directions for a fall science project and craft. Perfect for autumn and harvest. Use in school, home-school, scouting, 4H, senior centers. View more »

Autumn Plant Unit- Perfect for Fall and Harvest- ROOTS & STEMS

Free Printable Plant Science Unit--Cross-Curricular, Hands-On Plant Unit - Lesson Three: Roots and Stems Explore plant biology in this 6 lesson multisensory unit which addresses all major content areas. Includes lessons, resources, free printables and directions for lots of activities. This is lesson three: roots/stems. View more »

Free Printable Autumn Plants Unit

Free Printable Autumn Plants Lesson Plans Cross-Curricular, Hands on Plant Science Unit This is Lesson Two from my unit on plants. It correlates to Halloween pumpkin and jack o lantern activities. The complete unit covers plant life; there are lessons on seeds, roots, stems, leaves, flowers and fruit. These activities perfectly complete fall harvest lessons for preschool through grade 3. Each unit comes complete with math, science, reading, creative writing, music, art, social students and movement activities. Lessons are hands on and include links for free printable activities and lesson plans. View more »

Free Printable Fall Science Lesson Plans

Free Printable Fall Science Lesson Plans Cross-Curricular, Hands-On Plant Science Unit - Lesson One: Plant Structure This in an outline of my unit on plants, including lesson one on plant structure. You'll find cross-curricular, multisensory, hands-on lessons and activities. Free printable leaf identification charts, too. View more »

Teen Halloween Party for Guys and Girls

How to Organize and Host a Mixed Teen Party Planning a mixed boys and girls Halloween party for teenagers or tweens? Feeling a little squeamish about how to entertain teens? Here's a surefire party guide that guests will love! Low cost tips for preparation, themes, food, activities, music, cleanup, decorations, guests, indoor/outdoor options and things to avoid. View more »

Free Printable Lessons for Halloween, Harvest and October!

Holiday Activities, Crafts, Lessons and Printables from Enchanted Learning Halloween, seasons, holiday, social studies, science, books, math, literature, and more! Free printable lesson plans and endless activities: books, color by number, games, puzzles, crosswords, maps, crafts, lessons, worksheets, graphic organizers and information on countless subjects. View more »

Cheap Candy Alternative Halloween Trick or Treat Giveaways

Candy Alternative Halloween Trick or Treat Giveaways 50 Treat ideas to replace candy for trick-or-treat. Inexpensive prizes, books, school supplies and novelties. Skip Halloween candy. Use for Trick or Treat, classroom, business, organization and other Halloween treat giveaways. These ideas are not costly. View more »

Free Printable Halloween Crafts, Decorations

Free Printable Craft Projects for Older Kids-- Holiday, Room Decor, Party Decorations Cutting, pasting and coloring is great for younger kids, but sometimes, older kids want a little more of a challenge. Do you need some challenging cut, paste and fold projects for kids eight and older?
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Halloween Party Guide: All ages, All groups

Cheap Easy Halloween Party for Kids of Any Age Need ideas for Halloween holiday activities for children? Here is the definitive guide. Compiled by a 25-year veteran teacher and loaded with time, money and energy saving ideas, you can host a party that every one will enjoy (even you!) View more »

Free Printable Halloween Activities, Lessons, Puzzles,Games,Crafts

Free Printable Halloween Puzzles, Games, Mazes and Cut-and-Paste Activities Here are some links to free, printable activities, games and puzzles for Halloween and Trick or Treat. You can print free memory games, mazes, hidden picture puzzles, travel games, word search puzzles and all sorts of activities. View more »

Easy DIY Polar Fleece Trick or Treat Halloween Costume

Easy DIY Polar Fleece Trick or Treat, Halloween Costume DIY guide to make a basic Halloween or All Saints Day costume from which you can add details and accessories. This guide gives tips to make Bible character, witch, ghost, pumpkin, princess, animal, pirate costumes and masks. Polar Fleece costumes are perfect for chilly fall trick or treat. Costumes require little sewing, are easy to make and inexpensive.
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Free Printable Halloween Preschool Cut and Paste Crafts

Free Printable Preschool Learning Crafts Planning your Halloween activities? Why not give preschool kids cut and paste crafts to make for Trick or Treat? When older siblings go back to school all day, preschoolers get bored. When the weather is too wet or cold to play for outside play, preschoolers need active learning games. Preschool teachers can use  these activities for supplemental practice pages for letters, numbers, shapes and other concepts. Pictures include pumpkins, spiders, bats and a jack o lantern. View more »

Homemade Halloween Costumes

Easy Homemade Halloween Costumes Did you wait till the last minute to get a Halloween costume? Maybe your child couldn't decide what to be? Never fear--here's a list for quick, eleventh hour costumes for kids . Whip up some fabulous costumes fast with these easy tips and directions using items around the house. Lots of recycle bin options! View more »

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