Scary Story Starters and Horror Writing Prompts for Paranormal Prose

Do you love scary stories? Halloween is a great time to explore horror fiction. But you don't just have to read it. You could try your hand at writing it. Maybe you have to write a spooky tale for school, a writers workshop, a Halloween flash fiction contest. What fun!

Wait, what's that? You're too afraid to try? If you can stand reading horror, you shouldn't fear a little ole' writing activity! I know what you mean, though. I taught creative writing for years and believe it or not, writing scares some students more than a bogeyman in the closet!

But trust me, it's not that bad. Who knows? You might even write the next Frankenstein. Mary Shelley wrote her famous horror work during a weekend house party game!

Maybe what you need is a little help in the form of some horror writing prompts and mystery story starters? I've compiled a few. Go hole up in a dark attic garret in a creepy Gothic mansion on a lonesome, windswept moor (or just imagine yourself there--for atmosphere) Read 'em over. Chew on them. Let the specter muses inspire. Off with you! Write us that new Edgar Allen Poe! Scary Story Starters and Horror Writing Prompts for Paranormal Prose - Bubblews

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