Halloween Party, Harvest Festival, All Saints Day Party Planner

How to Organize a School Festival or Party Overview and checklist of planning and organizing basics for hosting a large group event. Perfect for a trick or treat or scout event, school festival, Halloween parties, church harvest suppers, Catholic All Saints Day activities. Geared especially for family or children's events. View more »

Halloween Party, Cheap, Easy and Fun

Host a Huge Halloween Party for Under $150 Hosting a Halloween or Trick or Treat party for a large group? Here is your perfect party planner for fun. We'll look at treats, decorations, food, games, prizes, crafts and activities. This party planner focuses on cost cutting tips. View more »

Free Halloween Printables

Free Printable Halloween Games for All Ages Websites with free printable for your classroom, Halloween party or home school  fun. Free printable activities for all ages from preschool through elementary and middle school.  These links provide printable trick or treat coloring pages, games, puzzles, activities, cut outs, masks, and lots more free fun. View more »

DIY Haunted House (or barn, backyard, church or school)

DIY Gothic Haunted House for Halloween Details for activities, sound effects, decorations and costumes for an authentic haunted house, right out of Dark Shadows.  I created this haunted house in high school (1981) A group of friends and I did the haunted house in our church basement. Visitors went from room to room. We sold tickets as a fundraiser for church missions. The whole community turned out and loved it. My mom brought my 4-year-old brother and 2-year-old sister. The Cujo room scared them silly (a guy dressed like a dog rushed out guests). My brother BJ was terrified, but he knew he had to protect the ladies. So he summoned his courage, shouted at the "dog" and smacked him across the face! That brave little boy died in 1982 in an accident. This is dedicated to you, buddy. Love, your big sister. This would be a great literature, art or theater class activity. View more »

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