Free printable spooky paper toys, creepy crafts, haunted Halloween fun and scary activities

Do you love yourself a deliciously spooky Halloween? Yes, please!! Do you anticipate a terrifically terrifying trick-or-treat? Maybe you go all out on a ghostly decorations Hallow-palooza? If so, don't miss this website.  (how's that for dark, and foreboding) redefines Halloween fun with a gigantic collection of vintage Gothic paper toys you can print free. There are free printable Halloween decorations featuring any kind of creepy thing you could want.
Ravens Blight
Print and make 3D haunted house, manor, chapel and train dioramas. Create a graveyard scene "peopled" by undead soldiers and a ghostly pirate ship with zombie pirates. Make paper models of a spectral carriage, a bullet-riddled gangster car and a medieval battle-hearse.

How to find Halloween corn mazes, pumpkin patches and U-Pick apple orchards

Looking for local pumpkin patches in your area? How about a corn maze to take the kids to? Maybe you want to see what Halloween events and activities are going on nearby? There's an easy way to locate all of those and and more autumn events, using this handy fall fun finder.
Pumpkin Patches and More is a comprehensive database of autumn harvest venues organized by state. Click the link for your state. You'll be taken to a page of regional links. Find your region. From that link, you'll see a list of counties in your area, each with a list of Halloween activities--everything from apples to zombies!
Venues listed on the website offer such things as:
  • apple orchards
  • fall bakeries
  • beehives
  • children's activities
  • cider mills
  • corn mazes
  • costume contests
  • donuts
  • educational activities
  • fall festivals
  • farmers markets
  • field trips
  • hay mazes
  • hay rides
  • horse-drawn carriages
  • horse rides
  • haunted barns
  • haunted houses
  • nature trails
  • night time events (farms, orchards, pumpkin patches and corn mazes get a spooky evening makeover)
  • orchards
  • pumpkin patches
  • petting zoos
  • pick your own pumpkins, apples and other produce
  • play lands
  • spooky barns
  • train rides
  • trick-or-treating
  • tours
  • U-pick apples
  • wagon rides
  • wineries
  • zombie paintball (check that link for places to play that Halloween role-play game)
Write-ups provide venue addresses, phone numbers, maps and website links (if available) along with detailed explanations of what to see and do. If available, pumpkin and apple prices are listed along with any costs for events. The website lists varieties of apples and other fruits and vegetables that farms may offer seasonally. The website is updated regularly.
Scroll around for apple and pumpkin recipes, pumpkin carving templates to print, pumpkin choosing tips, Halloween facts, corn maze ideas and more. Visit this companion link for state-by-state pick-your-own produce farms.

Zombie Paintball takes Halloween freakfest to all boo levels!

Free printable colonial America activities: Early American history lessons |

I'm a teacher, homeschool veteran and American history reenactor. I teach a 1700s-era dame school (here's a model one at Thursley in Surrey, England) at our local history museum "Feast of the Strawberry Moon" encampment. Here are free printable hands-on early American history lessons and historical crafts and free printable colonial America lesson plans.   Free printable colonial America activities: Early American history lessons |

Free printable paper hats, paper hat patterns, Hat Day paper crafts printables

Lids, bonnets and berets, oh my--Jan. 15 is National Hat Day. So if you've got a derby, don it! You don't have a hat? Well, make one out of paper. When I was a kid, my grandfather, who was newspaper pressroom foreman, showed me how to fold paper hats from newspaper. Can I remember now? No. But fortunately, there's internet for printables galore! Here are free printable paper hats, paper hat patterns and activities for Hat Day (or any day!)   Free printable paper hats, paper hat patterns, Hat Day paper crafts printables |

Free printable Catholic saints coloring pages for All Saints' Day

Most people know that October 31 is Halloween, or All Hallows Eve. Fewer know that there's only a Halloween because of the days that follow. November 1 marks the Catholic holy day of obligation, All Saints' Day and November 2 is All Souls' Day (celebrated as Dia de los Muertos or Day of the Dead in Mexico). Halloween was a pagan blowout that anticipated the solemnity of the proceeding holy day. Use these free printable Catholic saints coloring pages, crafts and lesson plans to learn more about All Saint's Day and Halloween.  Free printable Catholic saints coloring pages for All Saints' Day |

Free printable Frankenweenie activities, Nightmare Before Christmas coloring pages and games

 Tim Burton has given audiences some wild rides in fantasy. In 1993, Burton's "The Nightmare Before Christmas" with Chris Sarandon, Kathleen O'Hara and Paul Reubens (Pee-Wee Herman) put a whole new spin on Christmas from the Halloween perspective. "The Nightmare Before Christmas" Jack Skellington and Sally gained cult following. Others in the Burton-esque cartoon horror genre include "James and the Giant", "The Corpse Bride", "Coraline" and "Frankenweenie." Here are free printable activities and coloring pages from "The Nightmare Before Christmas."  Free printable Frankenweenie activities, Nightmare Before Christmas crafts |

Holiday parenting: Jobs for children to help with Thanksgiving preparations |

Parenting isn't easy at any time but especially of the holiday season. Are your children more of a hindrance than a help at Halloween, Thanksgiving, Christmas, Chanukah, New Year's Eve, Epiphany? Do they tend to get a little greedy and entitled around the holidays? Here are 25 jobs for children to help in Thanksgiving preparations. Good parenting means putting kids to work helping at Thanksgiving, not just letting them sit around, watch TV and get waited on. Perks are that children learn unselfishness, community spirit and satisfaction of a job well done. And the whole family gets memory making and bonding time. Good parenting also means making each child feel important. Each task has a job title (kids love job titles--it makes them feel like valued contributors not just idle spectators.) Kids can double up on jobs as some are done at different times.Holiday parenting: Jobs for children to help with Thanksgiving preparations |


Detroit had its quietest Devil's Night ever, fewer fires thanks to Angels' Night

Some communities dread the Halloween weekend, thanks the dangerous traditions of Devil's Night. During the Devil's Night weekend, including Halloween, revelers light bonfires and endanger other residents. But this year, Detroit marked a milestone for safety. WXYZ reported on Nov. 1, that the City of Detroit had its quietest Devil's Night ever and recorded far fewer fires thanks to Angels' Night. Detroit set a three-day record low for bonfires city-wide. What is Angels' Night? It's what happens when a vibrant, proactive city works together for the common good. Detroit residents were tired of living fear of wildfires on Halloween, so they organized Angels' Night brigades. And this new tradition paid off: the city recorded only 52 fires over three nights in 2015. That's 97 fires less than in 2014 and a whopping 758 fires less than the worst Devil's Night in 1984.Detroit had its quietest Devil's Night ever, fewer fires thanks to Angels' Night |

Free printable Halloween activities, crafts, coloring pages, worksheets, games

Halloween is creeping up and children of all ages, even the young at heart are getting ready for the fun. In many schools, activities are planned around Halloween. Educators know that when children enjoy something and have fun with a lesson, they learn better. Here are free printable Halloween activities for school classrooms, homeschool or scout troop. Use with old folks in nursing homes or anyone who needs some Halloween printables.   Free printable Halloween activities, crafts, coloring pages, worksheets, games |

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