Homemade Despicable Me Minions Halloween Costume

Easy Despicable Me Minion Halloween Costume Ideas
Steve Carell's new cartoon Despicable Me with the cute little yellow Twinkie-shaped minions is a huge hit. I predict that we will see lots of little yellow minions this Halloween. Here's how to make a Despicable Me minions Halloween costume. Read More

Free Printable Halloween Costume Patterns, Accessories Templates

Free Printable Halloween Costume Patterns  Halloween costumes are expensive to buy or rent. Why not make your Halloween costume this year? I just found a website with 200 free printable Halloween costume patterns, templates and designs for babies, children, teens and adults. All free. Read More

Couples Halloween Costume: Doll Twins with Pull-String

Couples Halloween Costume: Pull String Talking Toy Doll Twins Looking for perfectly unique, uniquely perfect adult couples Halloween costumes? Here are ideas that won my husband and I second place Halloween costume prizes: pull string talking dolls. Perfect for kids Trick or Treat or an adult party. Read More

Free Printable Halloween Coloring Pages, Crafts, Toys, Masks, Activities

Free Printable Halloween Paper Toys, Masks, Party Decorations and Craft Activities Trick or Treat is coming soon. Time to scare and be scared. This Halloween, I've got even more free printable craft fun than ever before. I found a new website with literally hundreds of links for free printable paper crafts, toys, masks and costumes. Read More

Free Printable Halloween Photo Frame Crafts

Free Printable Cut and Paste Photo Frame Craft Projects Planning a Halloween party instead of trick or treat? Family Fun has an excellent website full of free printable crafts, cut and paste projects, seasonal crafts, holiday crafts, room decor, games, puzzles and activities. Here are free printable photo frame crafts for your Halloween party. Read More

Free Printable Halloween Party Invitations, Cards

Free Printable Party Invitations, Halloween, Holday Greeting Cards for Kids Making and sending greeting cards has been a time-honored tradition in my classroom and home school. We made Get Well Soon, birthday, holiday cards. We made our own party invitations, too. Here are free printable invites and greeting cards for your Halloween, Samhain, All Saints Day, Christian or harvest themed party. Read More

Preschool Party Planner Ideas for Halloween and Holiday Parties

Cheap DIY Party Planner for Preschool Kids with Activity Stations While there are dozens of adorable kids party themes, I find it best to go with a simple, inexpensive party theme. Here's a party planner for preschool age children that's full of cheap, diy homemade fun. Based on preschool learning centers. Read More

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