Free Printable Pumpkin Stencils and Jack o Lantern Crafts

Free Printable Pumpkin and Jack o Lantern Stencils and Craft Activities
Whether you celebrate Halloween, Trick or treat or harvest festivals, pumpkins are a common theme for autumn parties, crafts and activities. Use these free printable pumpkins crafts, stencils and coloring for your fall party. Read More

Halloween and Black Cats

Halloween and Black Cats: Adoptions of Black Cats Down
The average adoption rates for black cats is far below the adoption rate for cats of any other color. Halloween superstition seems to be the cause. Don't deny yourself the pleasure of a furry, black friend; check out your local pet adoption agency today. Written in memory of my little chat noir, Boo. Read on...

Halloween Haiku: Mind's Eye Halloween

Mind's Eye Halloween Halloween Haiku; Haiku is the perfect poetry form for Halloween, Harvest, Autumn and fall. Haiku encompasses nature in little seed morsels. The rigor of writing in only 17 syllables makes the poet very choosy about her words. You will be seeing more Halloween Haiku from myself and other writers at Associated Content. And why not ask guests at your Halloween bash to jot down Haikus? Fun and creative party game. Read on

Best Trick or Treat Candy (and worst) to Give for Halloween

Best and Worst Halloween and Trick or Treat Candy I know: Halloween is all about the candy. With poisoning scares, health problems, sugar overdoses and safety concerns, I rather skip the candy handouts at Halloween.  I've tried substituting prizes in place of candy for trick or treating. I was called everything from party pooper to unAmerican. (I'm joking--actually kids love the little books and prizes I hand out). All but my own children of course! So I cave to popular opinion and give out sweets. Here is my list of best and worst Halloween candy. Read on

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