Healthy Pumpkin Treats Kids Can Make

Boy, pumpkin sure is the theme--everything from IHOP pancakes to beer features it. And right in time for harvest and Halloween parties. So I thought, why not tap into that beta-carotene goodness for my Week-of-school-snacks and Five-day-school-lunch-menu series? Here are healthy recipes featuring pumpkin. Use fresh (use pumpkin, not a jack-o-lantern) or take my lazy way out and use canned--not pie filling. Involve toddlers and preschooler in preparations. Weekly Snack Menu, Healthy Pumpkin Themed Kids Treats

Paranormal Prose Flash Fiction Slam for Halloween

On another site I wrote for, we used to have an annual Halloween flash fiction contest. Several years in a row, I "hosted" a fiction share thread on our forum. We'd share our submissions, read each others' and have good spookable fun. I added submissions to my blog

You can read preceding year's selections under "horror" and "Halloween" tag or by clicking the Paranormal Prose Promotion link list. Last year, I decided to resurrect (pun intended) that fright fest with a Paranormal Prose Promotion of Facebook (same idea). Here's a way you can get in on the Halloween hauntings. Visit Bubblews   Paranormal Prose Flash Fiction Slam for Halloween

Free Printable Apple Activities for Fall, Halloween

Apples are a popular theme for fall lesson plans, especially for preschool lessons. Looking for apple activities for a harvest party, science lesson plans or maybe Halloween? Have I got a great sweet treat for you--a plethora of free printable apple-themed fun. This booklet includes apple math activities, science puzzles, social studies lessons and history extensions. There are printable creative writing prompts, word games and more.  Free Printable Apple Activities for Fall Preschool Lesson Plans 

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