Free printable Frankenweenie activities, Nightmare Before Christmas coloring pages for Frankenstein Friday, Halloween

 The last Friday in October is Frankenstein Friday, so here are free printable Frankenstein monster crafts to celebrate! Why is there a Frankenstein Friday? Good question--nobody really knows the nuts and bolts of it. Maybe its just another way to extend the Halloween holiday? Or maybe its one more chance to dress up in silly costumes and not be shamed. Or maybe it helps vent a temper of Frankenstein proportions by scaring the liver out of little kids? At any rate, here are printable crafts for frankly freaky Frankenstein Friday fun!
Start by making your free printable Frankenstein monster mask. Choose one of the assorted Frankenstein masks: print, color green (or purple if you're feeling different) and get your inner monster on! Feeling female-frankie? Why not be Bride of Frankenstein? Print a mask of that scary chick at the same place. Or maybe you're not up for that much fright. For a safer option, print a picture of Frankenberry from the cereal box and make that into a mask. Next bolt over to DLTK forfree printable Frankenstein monster crafts. There are coloring pages, 3D craft projects, games, puzzles, books and greeting cards for Halloween. Why not confuse and amuse your friends by sending them a Frankenstein Friday greeting card? You might start a howling fun holiday tradition.
And musn't forget Frankenweenie and his faithful pup Sparky on Frankenstein Friday. Here are free printable Frankenweenie coloring pages. Print and make a bunch of Frankeweenie crafts from Disney. And now for a good-old-blowout of free printable Frankenstein monster coloring pages. Coloring Book Fun as some weird and quirky ones. Print Activities has got 25 Frankenstein monster coloring pages to print. There are cartoon ones and a few with Boris Karloff in his iconic Frankenstein monster role. Last but not least, is everyone's favorite Frankenstein monster, Herman Munster. Here are printable Munsters coloring pages from an old coloring book based on the TV show. Oh, and Anglophiles, don't miss the new movie "Victor Frankenstein" it's a feast of favorite British actors!

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