Free printable world history coloring pages, vintage clipart, literature lessons

 September is National Literacy Month. Reading is about more than just decoding text: it's about engaging with books. A good way to do that is hands-on literature-based activities. Here are free printable world history coloring pages from Karen's Whimsy. Explore world literature, cultures, people, time periods, civilizations, works of art, literary and historical figures and events.
Use these to create world history lesson plans, holiday greeting cards and literature lessons. Karen's Whimsy has free printable history colouring pages from just about any art history time period: ancient, Gothic, classical, medieval, renaissance, American history, Victorian, art deco, Edwardian. Explore the art of different religions: Christian, Catholic, Orthodox, Hindu, Buddhist, Jewish, Japanese, pagan, Islam, tribal, Shinto and more.
Have a fancy for fantasy? Print clipart, images and coloring pages of dragons, angels, nymphs, dryads, mythological beats, literary figures, hero and animals. Perhaps you're interested in a specific niche of history: animals, flowers, plants, music, clothing, soldiers, architecture, weapons, military, travel, homes, holidays, food. You can print coloring pages of them. There is an entire section of free printable historical technology coloring pages and and cut and paste science crafts, perfect for STEM (science, technology, engineering and math) lesson plans. Teachers print these crafts for extra credit or homework reinforcement.
Print coloring pages from ancient Greece, Rome, medieval illuminations, knights in armor, dragons. Images are created frrom real works of art,sculpture, buildings, churches etc. Students expand vocabulary with old term like: flying buttress, seraphim, Romanesque, crenelations, Phoenician, greaves, to name a few. Kids will absorb history and expand their vocabulary just by coloring and discussing images.

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