Creative Homemade Halloween or All Saints Day Party Invitation Ideas

Planning a Halloween party? Or maybe a Halloween alternative harvest party at church? Maybe you're Catholic and are throwing an All Saints Day party instead of Halloween. However you celebrate, skip boring paper invitations and try these creative unique ways to announce your party? Here are alternative party invitation and announcement ideas.

  Balloon: Purchase larger latex balloons. Inflate balloon. Write invitation message and party details in marker (silver for dark colors). Deflate and mail. Don't explain. Let guests figure out what to do.

  Jigsaw puzzle: purchase blank jigsaw puzzles or make your own. Write party message and details on assembled jigsaw puzzle. Take puzzle apart and mail pieces. Make your own jigsaw puzzle. Print a Halloween or party themed coloring page (lots of links on this blog). Cut out sides of cereal box. Glue to picture to colored side. Write message on plain side. Cut into pieces. Guests can use picture on the front to assemble message.

  Code Message Invitations: Write invitation in code. A simple code might for children's' parties is to represent letters with numbers 1-26. (A-1, B-2). For older kids use math problems with the letter number code.

  Treasure Map: Make a map of the party location. Write directions in code or clues. For example, we live on Columbus Ave. I might say, "You'll find the party on the street named for the guy who discovered our country."

  Edible invitations: Kids love these. Write the invitation message and details on sticks of chewing gum with food grade marker (found in cake decorating supplies section). Fruit Leather or Fruit Roll Ups work well too.

  Beaded bracelet: Buy cheap plastic letter and number beads. Compose invitation message and string on piece of yarn. Or write the details on a piece of paper and put words on the bracelet--Happy Halloween! Blessed All Saints Day! Or put saints medals on ribbon.

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