Free Printable Wiccan, Fairies, Witches Coloring Craft Activities

Free Printable Wiccan, Fairies, Witches Coloring Craft Activities Along with Halloween, the Wiccan (pagan) holiday of Samhain is celebrated on Oct. 31, too. Samhain activities include bonfires, incantations and magic of all kinds. Here are free printable Wiccan, fairy and pagan coloring pages and crafts. These would fit in with Halloween celebrations, as well as literature studies involving witchcraft and magic-themed fiction. You can also find free printable crafts for other pagan holidays and events--Yule, Imbolc, Beltain, Litha, Ostara, Mabon, Solstice and Lughnasadh. I'm not a follower of wicca, but as a teacher and homeschooler, I think kids should be exposed to different ideologies so they understand them. It helps kids clarify and embrace their own faiths better when they aren't sheltered from the beliefs of others. Read on

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